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so simple, so rewarding

screenprinting on fabric - level 1

This is for complete beginners and introduces you to the magical world of screenprinting on fabric. Screenprinting is a wonderful skill and is so simple - it can be done on your kitchen table. It is fun, very rewarding and extremely easy to get totally addicted!


​8,15,22,29 Sep (6pm - 8pm)

​South African time

  • R2,500 plus R650 for print pack (excl courier cost)

  • $180

  • €150

pure unadultered magic

photographic screenprinting on fabric - level 2

This is for those of you who have done the Level 1 Screenprinting course and now want to learn about this magical process of exposing images onto screens.  I will teach you how to do it by using the sun, and also using a special photographic lamp. For the supplies to set up your own exposing unit at home, I will give you a detailed list of what you will need to buy. 



  • R2,850 ( includes 2 photographically exposed screens with your choice of designs sent to you, excl courier cost)

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