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blockprinting on paper - level 1

in this course, we will carve small lino blocks and print with them, exploring pattern and simple repeats. You don’t need any prior printmaking experience. You just need enthusiasm, curiosity, and a desire to be creatively engaged. Your printed paper can be made into greeting cards, wrapping paper, book covers or framed for the wall.

the course is 4 sessions of 2 hours each.


  • 2,9,16,23 March (6pm - 8pm)


  • 9,16,23,30 April (10am - 12pm)

  • 4,11,18,25 May (10am - 12pm)

  • 9,16,23,30 June (6pm - 8pm) 


  • R2,200 plus R650 for a print pack (excl courier cost)

  • $160

  • €135

reduction lino prints

blockprinting on paper - level 2

reduction blockprinting is a method I use when I print my art prints (see the little guy here)  and Id love to share it with you as its so magical and surprising.  In a nutshell, you use one lino block which you keep carving and printing different colours from, so that your print has many layers of colours printed on top of each other. The wagtail print here has white,  light blue, orange, brown and green. Its so rewarding to print using this method - I love it ! It may sound complicated, but its not. This is for anyone who has done one of my (or any other) blockprinting course as I will assume you know how to use the lino tools and how to carve lino. We will make small art prints that can be used behind a frame on the wall or as greeting cards.

the course is 4 sessions of 2 hours each. 



  • 10,17,24,31 March (10 am - 12pm)

  • 8,15,22,29 April (6pm - 8pm)

  • 9,16,23,30 May (10am - 12pm)



  • R2,500 plus R500 for a print       pack (excl courier cost)

  • $180

  • €150

simple meditative repeats

blockprinting on fabric

blockprinting on fabric has become very fashionable recently and its popularity is well deserved. It is a wonderful meditative and calming form of printmaking, In this course you will make your own pattern blocks and experiment with printing them in different repeat combinations. Its lots of fun and very easy to do. No experience necessary.

the course is 2 sessions of 2.5 hours each


  • 6 & 7 March (10am  - 12:30pm)


  • 14 & 21 April (10am - 12:30pm)


  • 10 & 17 June (10 am - 12:30pm)


  • R1,650 plus R500 for a print       pack (excl courier cost)

  • $120

  • €100

A new short course where you can print your own shopper using 2 beautifully carved Indian woodblocks that will be included in your print pack. Numbers are limited as I only have a limited number of Indian blocks. You will get a colourful shopper (you can choose your colour) to print on, and some paper to make wrapping paper as well. You will then have your Indian blocks for more projects after the workshop.


this is a single session of 2 hours.


  • 21 March 

R850 includes print pack (excl       courier cost)

i want to go to india again...

printing with indian woodblocks